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Do any of the following describe your current situation?

*You're stressed & need better work/life balance.

*You're bored and stuck in a dead-end job.

*You're feeling unfocused/unmotivated.

*You're feeling burned out.

*You are unemployed, or feel you may be unemployed soon.

*You need to re-tool for a different career path.

*You are thinking about starting your own business.

*You're just starting out and need guidance in getting started in your career.

If you selected any of the above, let us assist you, in the following areas:

*One-on-One Career Coaching

*Creation and implementation of a strategic career plan

*Preparation of any relevant written material

(letters, emails, resumes)

*Prepare/Update a professional LinkedIn profile

*Guidance on how to effectively Network with focus

*Prepare you to Interview, both phone & in-person

We have over 30 years of experience in navigating the corporate interview process, successful career planning, & assisting professionals in transitioning into Consulting and/or self-employment opportunities.

Our network includes 100's of clients across local, regional & national markets, and continues to grow. We also partner with colleagues in third party and consulting firms.

To speak directly with a Career Coach and learn more about the best option for you, please email your inquiry to:

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