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Take a  moment to review some of our current Talent. Reach out to learn more about each candidate at

1) Sarah M. - Creative Director

(Pittsburgh, PA)

2) Amy R. - Director, Regional Sales

(Denver, CO)

3) Teresa M. - Senior Sales Data Analyst

(New York City)

4) Kevin W. - Senior Sales Data Analyst

(Philadelphia, PA)

5) David B. - Sales Engineer

(Newark, New Jersey)

6) Tim B. - Program Manager

(Houston, TX)

7) Tom R. - Sales Trainer

(New Jersey)

8) Patricia S. - Executive Assistant 

(Los Angeles, CA)

9) Renee P. - HR, Manager

(Pittsburgh, PA)

10) Connie W. - Sales Analyst 

(Pittsburgh, PA)

11) Tracy S. - E-Commerce Marketing

(Parsippany, NJ)

12) Bonnie D. - Director of Operations

(Queens, NY)

13) Randi B. - District Manager, Retail

(Tampa, FL)

14) Vince M - College Professor

(Pittsburgh, PA)

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